Our Process

We strive to continually improve our processes to make life easier for you (and us).  We value comments and are here to serve.  Here’s how a typical job rolls out:

  1. Fill out the QUOTE form on the Contact Us page.  Give us an idea of your needs and any specific parameters (time frame, ideas, etc.)
  2. We will respond within 2 business days.  We work a long week and take weekends off, so….  Replies are often much sooner but we like to under promise and over deliver!
    • Our estimator will make arrangements for a site visit (if necessary).  Many times, given our experience, we are able to provide quotes for routine work without a site visit.  Photos of your project are always appreciated and may work to significantly streamline your quote turnaround time.
  3. It may take a few emails and revisions but once you are happy with your quote and accept it electronically via our web based system, you will be contacted by our Scheduler.  He will work with you to establish dates and timelines.  Our Scheduler will (in addition to your onsite Project Lead) be your main Point Of Contact throughout your project.
  4. Your project is underway. If you have comments and concerns, we will address them accordingly in a timely manner.  We will strive to complete in the discussed deadline , but some jobs may miss the targeted deadline due to weather or waiting on materials.
  5. Once complete, and our Project Lead does his walk thru and verifies that work was completed as discussed, we will typically invoice within a few days.
  6. We accept checks and credit cards.